No, not everything was better in the past.

"The future is what we make of it."

In order to survive in times of digitization, networking, AI, robotics & Co., Bernhard Krusche recommends the development and acquisition of new cultural techniques. From book to screen, from letter to tweet, from hierarchy to network - in order not to be overwhelmed by all the new developments, you and your employees need new cultural skills. And an understanding of how all the new digital technologies are changing everyday work in your company. This is the only way to master the upcoming digital transformation of our working world.

Without prospects, work becomes easily replaceable. Today nobody needs that anymore.

In his opinionated keynote, the pioneer of the future makes it clear: Old recipes for success lead neither into the future nor to success. If you want to lead in a contemporary way and inspire future generations for your company, you need the will to innovate and self-renewal.

In his lecture, Bernhard Krusche conveys these insights in a thrilling way. He combines impressive stories from his long-distance travels and field research in Africa with the current challenges in companies. Always with the aim of giving you and your team valuable impulses for working on your own future viability.

Decision-makers who have settled in the cozy comfort zones of the status quo should expect a humorous kick in the buttocks when Bernhard Krusche reports on his experiences. After all, he has enough experience as an entertainer, having already played in the village theater in the mountains of Nepal without understanding a word or even his role. The audience laughed heartily - after his lecture you will be looking confidently and motivated towards the future, too.