„We are all busy. Is anybody taking care of our future?”


What’s the connection between villages in Nepal and digitalization? What’s the context of African slums and modern leadership? And how will we manage to align economy and culture? As ethnologist and economy expert Bernhard Krusche connects, what seems to be unusual at a first glance, but opens new perspectives around current controversial social issues. Ultimately not everyone strikes the idea …


… telling decision makers and leaders: Stop obsessing over yourself. With his striking way, touch of humor and strong provocations Bernhard Krusche manages to convince cooperations to focus on developing their future – instead of becoming a super of their status quo. His Offer support...


… decision makers, who take charge of their future instead of getting overrun by it. The passion for innovation Bernhard Krusche liaises in his SpeechesTo survive in times of digitalization, interconnectedness, AI, robotic & co, he suggests …


… adoption of new cultural skills. Amongst reading and writing new skills come into focus. Those need to be learned and mastered to stay in game. Knowing the ropes, Bernhard Krusche writes intemperately – despite all tweets, tubes and channels hypes - in his Publications.

What else?

Bernhard Krusche works on his own business initiatives initativesas well. An array of change projects he started as an entrepreneur and CEO as well as collaborated with companies and cooperations of different size within the last 30 years. Publishing his own magazine and founding a non-for-profit foundation are further activities, which underline his social engagement and interest for sustainable impact. magazine and founding a non-for-profit foundation are further activities, which underline his social engagement and interest for sustainable impact.

Mein Motto: Think first. But do.
Denn Zukunft ist das,
was wir daraus machen!